US Veterans Treated for Arthritis and Muscle Pain

Shoulder Injury and Chronic Pain

US Veteran Mr. Shawn Pinkston, Charlotte, NC tells his story how sam® treatment prescribed by his Veterans Administration (VA) physician reduced his chronic pain and healed his shoulder injury.

Knee Pain After Surgery

US Veteran Mr. Denis Scott, Greensboro, NC tells his patient story  of sam® treatment prescribed by his local VA to treat chronic knee pain after failing surgery and medication.

Reducing Narcotic Use in Hip and Back Pain

US Veteran Mr. Larry Williams, Charlotte, NC tells his patient journey of how sam® treatment helps him with bad joints and arthritis pain in his hips and back.

Testimonials from Elite Atheltes & Medical Staff

Boston Red Sox (MLB/MiLB)

Since I have received a sam®  unit, it has made recovery and rehab on the road and in-house so much easier. Athletes with tendinopathy or general soreness can use this unit during the day while coming back for treatment when the sam® session is over. It is a great tool to use for recovery with our pitchers, once their outing is over.

Bobby Stachura
Boston Red Sox

Seattle Mariners (MLB/MiLB)

We used the sam® ultrasound unit as a means of long-duration Phonophoresis with one of our players dealing with a chronic groin strain. Because of it, we were able to progress him through our rehab exercises without discomfort and progress him back into playing unrestricted within a few weeks.

Ryan Bitzel
Physical Therapist
Seattle Mariners

Team USA Women’s Soccer

sam® is our “Go To” modality to help our players.

I have used the device sam® on so many things and have seen the some of the best benefit come from its use as a recovery/treatment for the chronic adductor tendinosis when it is high up in the groin. A 3-4-hour session in the evening and the player usually feels better in “am” and can train.

Also used on an acute mid foot sprain/contusion. Treated twice in afternoon and night for 2-hours per treatment and the next day the player was walking pain free.

We did have one incident this summer in Brazil where one of our players awoke with severe groin pain (has long history of chronic adductor strains and well as significant pubic symphysis. We applied the device for two 4-hour sessions that day, held her from the game that night, did some light work the next day and did another 4-hour session, and she was available for our next game a day later.

Rick Guter
Head Athletic Trainer
Team USA Women’s Soccer

Washington Mystics (WNBA)

The best part about the sam®  is the compliance rate I find with athletes. It is extremely user friendly and convenient that it always assures us of extended treatment away from the athletic training room. It’s added another dimension to the treatment of our athletes. Our athletes love the ease and the results of sam®.

Emily Fortunato
Head Athletic Trainer
Washington Mystics, WNBA

University of Louisiana at Lafayette (NCAA)

sam® helped one of my athletes make it through our basketball season. This athlete has suffered with severe tendinitis and bursitis for the past two seasons. We tried all kinds of different treatments and nothing really helped. Then I was introduced to the sam® through one of their sales reps and it was explained that we could obtain the sam® unit through our College secondary insurance. All we had to do was get our team physician to fill out the sam® Prescription form (including all treatment and medical records of the injury). Attach the insurance billing info from the athlete and our secondary insurance. About two days later the sam® arrived.

Immediately my athlete said that the sam® made him feel better. The athlete would put the sam® on in the morning before class. By the time he got to the Athletic Training Room the four-hour treatment was over and he went straight out to practice. No other treatment was necessary once we got the sam®.

I truly believe that the sam® works! It took an athlete who was frustrated and hurting into an athlete who felt almost immediate relief and was able to move again. This modality works. I would highly recommend it (and have recommended it to a number of colleagues).

B.J. Duplantis, Jr.
Assistant Athletic Trainer
University of Louisiana at Lafayette

Women’s National Field Hockey Team

I have been using sam® for about two years, mainly for muscle/tendon injuries. For those who respond well with the device they can feel the improvement immediately and time of recovery has shortened tremendously especially when used with manual therapy techniques to provide superb care for my Olympians/elite athletes; sam® definitely has gone beyond my expectations.

Yuko Kimura, MSEd, LAT, ATC
USA Field Hockey
Women’s National Team Medical Manager

The University of South Alabama

In the Basketball world one of the most common injuries I see walking through my door is Patellar Tendonitis. Throughout the course of the year, about half of my team will experience some sort of overuse symptoms due to training or through practice/games. With the sam® we have been able to eliminate these symptoms and accelerate healing in just a few sessions. What I like the most about the sam® is the ability to deliver quality treatment to the student athlete and how effective it is.

Matthew Brown
Assistant Athletic Trainer
University of South Alabama Basketball

The University of Rhode Island

I have used sam® for hip flexor tendonitis with excellent results. Key is to properly educate the student athlete on proper pad (Coupling Patch/Applicator) placement and use.

Michelle Barber
Assoc. Athletic Therapist

Shoulder Tendon Injury Treatment

Dr. Manny Alvarez, MD  Senior Managing Editor for FOX Health News discusses how sam® helps to heal chronic injuries.

Knee Injury on the Job

Dr. Cory Edger, MD, PhD, from the University of Connecticut describes how sam® helps to heal his patients and return them to work.