Sports Injury

sam® is the number 1 prescribed ultrasound device in the professional sports industry.

1 out of 2 injured athletes gets sam® as part of there standard of care.

Covered by insurance for all professional and college athletes

Utilized by 90% of professional sports medical physicians

Delivers 18,720 Joules of energy per treatment.

40-60% of athletic injuries are sam® treatable. noninvasive, PROVEN and easy.

NCAA Athletes

The sam® college-cap program has you covered. All major insurance and secondary providers work with us.

Authorized in 2-3 days.

PRO Athletes

Approved in 2016, we support athletes, teams and the medical staff to deliver sam® 24hrs per day.

Pre-Approved. Healed. Done.

There is only one sam®

There are many joint injections, biologics, electrical/magnetic stims, and ultrasound devices to choose from.

sam® has disrupted the medical industry in a good way and we are the new normal.

Join us in treating 100 Million Patients Without Surgery and Drugs.