US Veterans Treated for Arthritis and Muscle Pain

Shoulder Injury and Chronic Pain

US Veteran Mr. Shawn Pinkston, Charlotte, NC tells his story how sam® treatment prescribed by his Veterans Administration (VA) physician reduced his chronic pain and healed his shoulder injury.

Knee Pain After Surgery

US Veteran Mr. Denis Scott, Greensboro, NC tells his patient story  of sam® treatment prescribed by his local VA to treat chronic knee pain after failing surgery and medication.

Reducing Narcotic Use in Hip and Back Pain

US Veteran Mr. Larry Williams, Charlotte, NC tells his patient journey of how sam® treatment helps him with bad joints and arthritis pain in his hips and back.

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How sam® Heals an Active Duty Soldier


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Shoulder Tendon Injury Treatment

Dr. Manny Alvarez, MD  Senior Managing Editor for FOX Health News discusses how sam® helps to heal chronic injuries.

Shoulder Tendon Injury Treatment

Dr. Cory Edger, MD, PhD, from the University of Connecticut describes how sam® helps to heal his patients and return them to work.

Testimonials from Elite Athletes & Medical Staff

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