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As a part of the sam® family, you will be on a team that has cutting-edge technology that accelerates the healing process for sports and regenerative injuries. With sam®, athletes and individuals can recover faster and get back in the game faster and stronger than ever. As a face of the brand you’ll be able to spread awareness about sam® through social media, word-of-mouth, and events. You’ll also have access to exclusive research and resources to enhance your knowledge of sam® and its benefits. Join us in making a difference in the world of sports medicine by becoming a part of sam® today!

Claudia McCoy
sam® is a vital part of recovery her routine.

Haron Hargrove
He is a basketball trainer and user of sam® for himself and his clients to keep them on the court.

Bryce Lindsay
Uses sam® for post game recovery and inflammation.

B.J. Duplantis/Loisianna
Athletic Trainer and user of sam for various soft tissue related injuries.

Jonathan Orozco
Uses sam® for soft tissue injuries and muscle aches.

Nick Eller
Athletic trainer that uses sam® for post game recovery and inflammation. 

Sam Gleadle

sam® is an important part of his pre and post game routine.

Destiny Jackson
Uses sam® in her pre game routine.

Gus Yalden
Uses sam® for leg pain and inflammation.

Parker Brown
Uses sam® in his pre game routine

Hank Brown

sam® is a vital part of his pre game routine.

Kaitlyn Whipp/UMBC
She uses sam® to help athletes with various injuries.

Dante Vasquez

sam® helps him with knee and shoulder inflammation.

Jayden Ross
Uses sam® as part of his off day routine.

Jason Brown

Uses sam® to help with shoulder inflammation.

Ethan Burke
Uses sam® in his post game routine.

Mia Andrews

Uses sam® for soft tissue related
injury during training.

Mackenly Randolph

sam® keeps her game ready.

Mazi Smith

Uses sam® in his pre and post game routine.

Isabella Turner

Avid sam® user from various past soft tissue injuries.

Adam Njie

Uses sam® in his post game routine.

Jimmie Stoudemire

sam® helps him with sore muscles and inflammation.

John Jackson lll
Uses sam® as a post game recovery tool.

Carlos Del Rio Wilson
Uses sam® for past tendinitis and recovery.

Kyron Hudson

sam® is a part of his post game routine.

Terry Filice 

sam® significantly reduce the pain and inflammation from a skiing injury.

Share your story of sam® and become a part of the sam® team.