Soft Tissue Healing Therapy Devices

Wearable long duration ultrasound used by elite athletes, soldiers and veterans, and chronic pain sufferers.

sam® 2.0 is the only FDA-cleared long duration ultrasound device for prescription home-use. Clinically proven treatment for chronic pain and accelerated natural healing.

sam® delivers continuous ultrasound that accelerates your natural healing at the molecular level.
  • Daily sam® treatment reduced arthritis pain by 40%-70% in patients with moderate to severe knee OA. PubMed Link*

  • sam® reduced opioid pain medication use in the treatment of back pain and improved patients quality of life. PubMed Link**

  • sam® returned patient back to work after conservative intervention failed. PubMed Link***

Patented medical technology proudly developed and manufactured in the USA. Our production plants in Connecticut, Massachusetts, Wisconsin and Michigan.

sam® 2.0

Our products are developed and clinically PROVEN with research studies funded by the National Institutes of Health and United States Army. sam® 2.0 is the first available sustained acoustic medicine product to offer single touch control, rapid charge, enhanced coupling patches and rugged housing.

sam® is ready to provide hardworking Americans like you with the soft tissue healing therapy you deserve so you can, ideally, avoid invasive therapy or opioid painkillers. All you need is a prescription from your doctor to start the sam® soft tissue healing treatment that top college and professional athletes — and many military medicine providers — use to heal soft tissue.

Professional Therapy in Your Home

The sam® device is an ultrasound device that you apply to the area of your affected muscles and soft tissue. For four hours every day, the sam® device sends ultrasonic pulses deep into your muscles in order to gently accelerate your healing process without invasive surgery. Since we were cleared by the FDA in 2013, we’ve helped thousands with their soft tissue injuries and pain — and we’re ready to help you find relief.

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Get Your Life Back. Learn if sam® treatment of arthritis, chronic pain and sports-related injuries is right for you.

Learn if sam® treatment of arthritis, chronic pain and sports-related injuries is right for you.

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