Ultrasound Clinically Proven to Treat Chronic Pain & Accelerate Natural Healing

sam® is a clinically proven mechanobiologic to help with your pain and natural healing at home. Drug free, safe and FDA approved.

The most versatile regenerative ultrasound device treatment for musculoskeletal injuries and joint arthritis:

What is sam® treatment?

Sustained Acoustic Medicine (sam®) is a long duration daily ultrasound treatment that reduces the need for pain medication and surgery. The sam® device was developed out of research funded by the National Institutes of Health and US Department of Defense to accelerate soft tissue healing and reduce the use of pharmaceuticals. 

sam® is clinically validated in over 30 clinical studies and over 300,000 patients treated successfully. Safe, Effective and Proven.

Major Accolades Include: +40 Global Patents, Global Medical Innovation Award, CIMIT Prize for Primary Healthcare and National Institutes of Health Honoree.

Why choose sam® treatment?

sam® is non-invasive, drug and surgery free, and cost effective at healing musculoskeletal injuries and treating chronic pain.

  • Multiple randomized-controlled clinical studies have demonstrated  patient outcomes for improved healing, reduced pain and improved function.

  • Real-world studies demonstrate faster return to work after an injury.

  • Patients and providers have demonstrated +90% satisfaction with sam® treatment.

  • Treatment is cost effective, reducing healthcare costs on average of $30,000 per patient.

How does sam® work?

sam® is a wearable ultrasound device which delivers continuous ultrasound treatment at 1.3 watts of energy treating deep tissue down to 5 cm.

Similar to ultrasound therapy applied in the office, sam®’s proven ability to generate deep heat, increase local circulation and activate cellular pathways helps your body heal after an injury.

The sam® treatment is typically applied 1x per day for 6 to 8 weeks as prescribed by your doctor. Recovery made easy with scientific innovation.

Over 30 Clinical Studies, Meta-Analysis and Treatment Guidelines to Guide Patient Success with sam®

sam® 2.0 is the only FDA-cleared long duration ultrasound device for prescription home-use to reduce pain, increase local circulation and reduce joint stiffness/contracture. The sam® treatment delivers deep vigorous diathermy and cellular activation to stimulate the remodeling response of damage tissues.

Joint Paint from Arthritis, Inflammation or Tendon Injury?

sam® is a clinically proven mechanobiologic delivered by a wearable non-invasive ultrasound device. Treatment is covered by most health insurance carriers to help you get back to life, work and living pain free without surgery or drugs.

Provider Information to Reduce Narcotic Use and Improve Clinical Outcomes.

Sustained acoustic Medicine (sam®) is a new treatment option for chronic joint pain and improving post-operative recovery. FDA-cleared for home-use in 2020, sam® delivers a safe daily 4 hour dose of approximately 20,000 joules of ultrasound.


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