How sam® is Different in Pain Management and Healing

The treatment amplifies the bodies healing capability and reduces the inflammatory response

sam® Technology

Treatment Dose Impacts Clinical Outcome

sam® Home Ultrasound Treatment 18,270 Joules (4 Hours)
18,720 Joules
LIPUS Home Ultrasound Treatment 140 Joules (20 min)
Doctors Office Ultrasound Treatment 2,000 Joules (15 min)

sam® Ultrasound

Prescription Required

Joint Injections Biologics H&A

Prescription Required

Bracing Solutions

Over The Counter

Electrical & Magnetic Stim

Over The Counter

Cold Compression

Over The Counter

Wearable Multi-Hour Ultrasound Technology Delivering Sustained Acoustic Medicine

sam® 2.0

Learn if sam® 2.0 treatment of arthritis and chronic pain is right for you.