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sam® Sport is an FDA-cleared bio-regenerative medical device that reduces the pain associated with tendon, ligament or muscle injuries and also accelerates the natural healing cascade.

sam® Sport provides ultrasonic waves that penetrate 5 cm into the tissue. This increases circulation, oxygen and nutrient delivery, and the removal of waste products, such as lactic acid, from the site of a musculoskeletal injury.

The Choice of Professional Athletes and Top Trainers

  1. Built on a decade of ultrasound research. sam® Sport is the preferred option for Professional and College Athletes.
  2. Covered under insurance for athletes, sam® Sport is prescribed for common acute and chronic injuries to keep players doing what they love.
  3. The sam® patch has a robust adhesive for long-term wear in high-motion environments.
  4. The durable medical grade battery pack and controller provides 400 treatment cycles.

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The PRO & NCAA Clinical Experts

Sustained Acoustic Medicine (sam®) was developed out of research lead by clinical experts in Sports Medicine, Psychical Therapy, Pain Management and Biomedical Engineering. sam® is a clinically effective non-invasive wearable treatment for select muscle and joint-related medical conditions.

Draper, David 20

1401-34 David Draper Portrait
Exercise Science

January 29, 2014

Photo by Riana Bruce-Goodsky/BYU

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Dr. David Draper, DEd, AT

Professor of Education, Brigham Young University, Provo, UT.

Dr. Draper is a practicing researcher in sports medicine and exercise sciences. Dr. Draper was inducted into the prestigious National Athletic Trainers’ Association Hall of Fame in 2017 for his significant contribution and outstanding research in the field of sports medicine.

"sam® has clearly changed the way we are able to accelerate return to function" 

kevin wilke

Dr. Kevin Wilk, DPT

Associate Clinical Director, Champion Sports Medicine, Birmingham, AL.

Dr. Wilk is a practicing psychical therapist and educator overseeing the rehabilitation of the most elite athletes from the NFL, NBA, MLB, USA TEAMS, and international stars. Dr. Wilk lectures regularly on best practices and clinical techniques to accelerate recovery and improve outcomes.

"sam® is the only FDA approved multi-hour wearable ultrasound"

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Mr. Wally Blase, AT

Head Athletic Trainer, Atlanta Hawks, National Basketball Association.  

Mr. Blase is a practicing athletic trainer in professional sports and oversees the care of hundreds of athletes around the globe. Mr. Blase has been court-side for over 1200 NBA games with the Atlanta Hawks over his +20 year career as an athletic trainer.

"sam® is clinically effective healing muscle and tendon injuries, and reducing swelling after an injury"

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