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sam® Pro 2.0 Device

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sam® Pro 2.0

Developed and clinically PROVEN with research studies funded by the National Institutes of Health and United States Army. sam®  Pro is the first available sustained acoustic medicine product to offer single touch control, rapid charge, enhanced coupling patches and rugged housing.

The device is designed for patients with arthritis and chronic injuries. Easy to use, safe and effective.

Innovative Features

  1. Military-specified materials and fuel cell made in the USA. sam® Pro is the preferred option for US Veterans and Military.
  2. Rapid charge intelligent controller with integrated label within plastic for easy daily use and cleaning
  3. Gel-capture patch for more effective sam® treatment and easier geriatric application.
  4. Up to 6 hours of battery life on a single charge for sustained acoustic medicine treatment.

Our Goverment History Behind sam® Pro 2.0

Government Funded Technology Approved by US FDA


Clinically Proven Research Reducing Pain and Improving Function


Helping 24 Million US Veterans and Active Duty Soldiers


sam® Pro Spec Sheet

sam® Pro User Manual

The Clinical Experts

Sustained Acoustic Medicine (sam®) was developed out of research lead by clinical experts in Sports Medicine, Psychical Therapy, Pain Management and Biomedical Engineering. sam® is a clinically effective non-invasive wearable treatment for select muscle and joint-related medical conditions.

tom best

Dr. Thomas Best, MD, PHD

Professor of Medicine, University of Miami, FL

Dr. Best is a practicing physician in sports medicine and arthritis management. Dr. Best overseas the care of thousands of patients in Miami, FL including professional athletes of the Miami Heat, Florida Marlins and University Football team.

"sam® is clinically proven to reduce pain and restore function in patients with osteoarthritis" 

kevin wilke

Dr. Kevin Wilk, DPT

Associate Clinical Director, Champion Sports Medicine, Birmingham, AL.

Dr. Wilk is a practicing psychical therapist and educator overseeing the rehabilitation of the most elite athletes from the NFL, NBA, MLB, USA TEAMS, and international stars. Dr. Wilk lectures regularly on best practices and clinical techniques to accelerate recovery and improve outcomes.

"sam® is the only FDA approved multi-hour wearable ultrasound"

Dr Ortiz

Dr. Ralph Ortiz, DO, MPH

Director of Medicine and Pain Management Faculty, Cayuga Medical Center, Ithaca, NY

Dr. Ortiz is a practicing pain management physician in NY and chairs the NY-Pain society. Dr. Ortiz overseas the care of over 500 patients in Upstate NY suffering from chronic debilitating conditions such as back-injuries and arthritis in the rural community setting.

"sam® is a effective drug free option to help my patients heal"

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