Covered for Home Treatment of Military and Veteran Patients, along with Atheltes and Injured Workers

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My quality of life prior to using the SAM was a slow recovery and loss of motion in the shoulder. There were lots of things I could not do such as reaching for things up high.

After using SAM, I regained more motion in my shoulder. It gets better as time goes on by using SAM. “I feel that if I would have had this unit at the time I had my first surgery I would be better  with my shoulder. I know I’m never going to be 100% but I think I would feel like I was. I think this SAM is something everyone should use after surgery.

Since I have received a sam unit, it has made my rehab at home so much easier. I truly believe that the sam works! I was frustrated and hurting before use to almost immediate relief and being able to move again. This modality works. I would highly recommend it (and have recommended it to a number of friends).

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We are here to help always, but especially now during COVID-19. sam® is the one and only wearable FDA approved home-use ultrasound for pain management and accelerated natural healing.